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Remember the before times.

08 Sep

UPDATE: September 2020.

There is so much to be said about the last 6 months.  I am not the one to be saying it, I am just providing an update.

I will be available to cook for you and your friends in a couple different ways.   If you are looking for private meals, catering or just looking for some new ideas around your kitchen, lets connect.

More to come here regarding.

“I believe we have a responsibility to respect the craft that has come before us and the land that sustains us. I am driven by the opportunity to deliver a sense of place on every plate. By sourcing and cooking locally and seasonally, we can evoke our surroundings, our local farms and all they provide, with a single, perfect meal.”

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

08 Mar

Ok, I could get all philosophical about the restaurant scene in the Twin Cities right now, we know that people love to speculate and talk TOOOOO much about what might, what could, and what will happen, and then when it all does, they want to speculate on how right or wrong it the changes have made the restaurant scene.

But, I won’t.   The reason for posting here, and reviving this outdated blog,  is that it has become for me a place to mark milestones,  I don’t strive to write weekly, monthly, or heck, I don’t have a calendar reminder to tell me to put up a post.   When it feels right, I write.

 Saying ‘goodbye’ to the Modern Cafe

” The Modern Cafe is looking for a sous chef”  –  That is what started it all.  In the Star Tribune, I read a help wanted add.  I was looking for a job, which, y the very nature of where I was looking for a job, should tell you how much I had to learn about the restaurant industry at that time.  I went there, checked it out, and called for an interview.   The story has some funny parts, but that is for sitting around and talking, not this post.

This is about THANKS.  Thanks to Patty and Jim Grell for all the years of teaching, coaching, eating, drinking, and believing in me.   Simple as that.

When I started, I had no idea what it took to work in a restaurant, let alone run one.  They taught me more in a year, than I ever learned in school. I look back at the Modern as my “COLLEGE DAYS”  It was very much a fraternity, that in the end, I realized was more about a family.  Everyone that was there, as they moved in and out, staff, vendors, farmers, customers, they all had that connection to that moment in my life.

I would cook with Jim and we would talk about anything but food, his choice, and all I wanted to talk about was food.  I wondered what the hell am I learning from this guy, and then it would happen.  I would make something, and I was able to replicate what he did, with out even knowing how I learned it.  (not as good of course)  Then he would spend more time running the business and working the art scene in NE, getting the name out there, working with the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization and he would not be around cooking as much, and I wanted to have him teach me more.  He would bounce back and forth to the kitchen sometimes, prepping in the basement, which sometimes ended up wrestling on the concrete basement floor (he wrestled in high school, something I never knew at first, but learned VERY QUICKLY)  He would come in at 3 pm and say that he was making the special tonight, and would change a bunch of stuff, he would also yell at me for food cost and then order in sushi grade tuna, show me a special and then tell me to make it work.  He never stopped teaching me to cook, it was just not in a classroom sort of way, or a demo, if it did not break me, I learned.

Patty and I worked together in a different way, it was business and the team and bouncing back and forth of what was Jim up to that day.  The one memory that sticks in my mind was working in the early morning hours in the basement with Patty when she was baking desserts.  We both had just been working with music on, getting ready for the day, nothing real crazy, just another day.  It was a great thing that I learned, sometimes you just shut out the outside world and focus on the food.  Focus on the preparation for the day and get your mise right.  A lot happened in that basement, great food, laughs, fist fights, gnocchi, and pot roast all happened in that basement.   That day happened to be Sept. 11th.

Everyone that worked at the Modern, had very different experiences, however, the constant was you two.  Patty and Jim, started cooking, washing dishes, waiting tables, and doing everything when they stated.  Then are moving on after teaching so many what the restaurant business is about; food, community, fun, and doing what you love.

Patty and Jim, I can’t say thank you enough.


This day, that day, which day? How about everyday.

13 May

We all know about Earth Day, right?  We all know about 100 days of Real Food.  What about 21 days?  The next 21 days starting on Friday can be the

podone_imagebeginning of starting a new habit. Well, maybe that is not 100% correct, but it is a start.  I have been trying to get people to buy butter.  Yes, butter.  One step. One thing.  Buy local butter that in a major grocery store.  If you buy it in the co-op where it always is, that is great as well, but this post is probably not for you. If you choose to buy local butter in a large store that puts it right next to the large format-commodity milk butters, then you are sending a message to the buyers of the store that you support that product and they will have to buy more…ok, you get where I am going with this, right?  If you are looking for something that you can do to get going on local food, sustainable food, why not start with BUTTER!   The idea is that if you start with one ingredient and commit to that year round, that will start something.  You will think every time you go for that butter, that you are “voting with your fork” .

So, think about this on Friday and come up with a plan to start small. Food Revolution Day is Friday.

In Search of Food 2012 on Ovation TV

15 Apr

Please join Chef Scott Pampuch
to celebrate the launch of his Ovation Network series

In Search of Food
 Wednesday, April 18
6:00 – 9:00 pm (Show airs 7-7:30 pm during event)

Saga Hill Cooking & Events  Appetizers, Fulton Beer, Wine, Cash Bar, Music

Episode 3: San Diego, “Raw Materials,” beginning at 7:00 pm. Grammy Award-winning artist, eco-activist and vegan Jason Mraz challenges Pampuch to make a raw vegan meal at Mraz’s organic avocado farm.

Cash or check donations for Laughing Loon Farm will be collected inside. Email or DM @ScottPampuch for more information.

Here are a few articles that are talking about the show:

Thanks Dara
Thanks Jason
Thanks Lee
Thanks Joanne



Summer is here right in time for our Spring menu.

03 Jun


crostini scrambled egg with morels + green garlic oil



roasted beet, shaved walnut, pumpkin seed oil vinaigrette + lemon



bison bresaola, daikon radish sprout + olive oil



shaved asparagus salad, smoked mushrooms, wheatgrass vinaigrette + sunflower sprouts



roasted beets, shaved Sweet Young Thang sheep’s milk cheese, honey + chive vinaigrette



grilled semolina cake, smoked trout, horseradish gremolata + savory cream



spring risotto of nettles, rhubarb, ginger + pea shoots



nosh plate, fresh sausage, cheese, pickles + apple, crostini



cheese plate with petite biscuits + honey

1 choice     5.5   2 choice        7.5    3 choice        9.5     4 choice      12.5



trout roulade, roasted sweet potato, baby arugula, crispy onions + poppy seed lemon sauce


grilled leg of lamb, wilted broccoli rabe, stewed white beans + green garlic sauce


ravioli stuffed with braised beef + spring vegetable ragout with kale


marinated beer chicken on the grill, ramp potato salad, stewed greens + guanciale



100 mile tasting menus

spontaneous menu from the kitchen, inform your server about allergies


three course                      45.   with beer or wine flight                55.

five course                         65.  with beer or wine flight                85.

kitchen table                    125.



How is that CSK going?

20 Apr

Farm to Table Projects from Scott Pampuch

Here is what some of our people are saying.  They are sharing ideas on our facebook page. “Farm to Table Projects by Scott Pampuch”

…We could not wait and had dinner as soon as we got home-ciabatta spread with a tiny bit of delicious pesto and a smoked meat (a delightful surprise) and salad with some of the pickled beets over greens. The chicken will be roasted and served with mash, the bacon destined for both a bacon and mushroom quiche, and to be fried into crisp little bits and tossed with the pesto and some spaetzle. The pork is being made into a spicy stew and the stock (also a surprise) went straight into the freezer and will be used with some white beans and kale for a braise.

…YOU GUYS – make a breakfast sandwich with the eggs, bacon, pesto and sesame wheat ciabatta – it’s an epic sandwich 🙂


…our ground beef became 2 cheeseburgers with sharp cheddar and toasted english muffins for the buns. the bacon and eggs became breakfast sandwiches – i’ve always loved fresh egg, so good and fluffy!

we threw the bbq chicken into a crock pot with some extra seasoning and a little bit of chicken broth and let it cook on low for 8 hours or so. then we shredded it all up – the first night we just had shredded bbq chicken sandwiches with chipotle cheddar. the rest we turned into spicy enchiladas.

the sausages probably would have also gotten eaten, but the end of the weekend got kind of crazy, so they are in the freezer. can’t wait for our next box!


“You say brunch, I say breakfast, let’s call the whole thing off! ”

04 Apr

Well, there is a lot more conversation about breakfast or brunch than I ever thought.  Here are a couple of my thoughts:

1.  I love eggs

2. I don’t take myself that seriously

3. There is tomato product on the menu that is from the last season  from a local farmer.

4. When I post on a blog, I always use my real name, and email address.  I would appreciate that a bit more.  Grandma always said, ” When you say something nice or bad about someone on a blog, make sure you use your real name so people know who you are and will respect you for standing up for your opinion and your point of view”.

Ok, maybe my grandma did not say that, but soon, there will be grandma’s saying something like that.   I would assume.  So, with out me saying something that people could take out of context and make a big deal out of, here is the menu that I serve on Sundays between the hours of 8am and 2pm.  If you like it, come on in, if you don’t, well, I hope you have a nice Bru…… MEAL where ever you end up.  Happy Eating!!

Corner Table

Sunday Breakfast
8am – 2pm
ask about daily scrambled special

post-Modern hash : braised beef, red onions, rosemary, garlic, potatoes + two eggs

mock lobster roll : scrambled egg whites with Old Bay aioli in a garlic butter grilled bun

smoked trout cake + potato pancake with spicy rémoulade, red cabbage + bacon + two poached eggs

cinnamon + sugar French toast, caramel apples + maple

pancakes + maple butter

waffle, raspberries + whipped cream

Butchers Breakfast : scrapple, sausage, bacon, beans

Meat + 3 : choose one meat option and then one from each line below

Meat :  maple + thyme sausage or one pancake or hickory smoked bacon or fried pork terrine
one pancake or lunchbox oatmeal bread or flax + potato grain bread or one slice French toast

2 eggs :  over easy or scrambled or over hard or poached (or however you like them, we will do our best) duck fat fried potato, or potato pancake or herb roasted potato

See you all on Sunday..

Farm & Table

24 Mar
This is something that I have been wanting to do for some time, give everyone
the oppurtunity to have a simple conveinant way to get prepared food in your home.
Some of the preperation is done by us, some of it is ready to just heat and eat,
and some you will have to use your family recipees.

The kitchen at Corner Table is supplied with food from the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. We want to share this with you, and bring them to your kitchen; your table.

Using a community-supported kitchen (CSK) model, Farm & Table lets you build food experiences that bring you closer to the source of the food and the hands that grow and prepare it by:

Buying local, sustainable.

Your food will come within 150 miles of the restaurant. If it is not, it will be clearly labeled.

Preparing foods with traditional methods & classic cooking techniques.

We want to honor the history of our craft & the cooks who have come before us. We are dedicated to cooking with classic technique that has stood the test of time. Using French technique & years of learning, we will share our knowledge with you on how to sustain yourself, your family & your friends through food.

Preparing foods with the community.

We take volunteers & internships. Just ask.

Putting a real value on real food & preparation.

Sustainable agricultural practices reflect the true cost of growing real food. A sustainable food business reflects the true cost of preparation & our staff is compensated with livable wages. Volunteerism & service keeps our preparation costs lower, builds a community & supports home cooking skills.

Building a community interested in sustainable food & supporting the local economy.

Corner Table, Tour de Farm, and Farm & Table CSK are a few of the things we do here. Cooking classes, film series & non-profit work build a portfolio of our dedication to your journey with food.

Farm & Table CSK Box

Weekly box of provisions prepped & prepared for inspiring 7 days of meals straight from the farms. The box includes variations of proteins, sides, mirepoix & stocks. The boxes are sold weekly or by 4, 6 & 8 week memberships. Sales begin on April 1.

Deli Case

Supplemental to the Farm & Table CSK Box items are available a la carte. The deli case at Corner Table allows you to purchase all your restaurant favorites for your home. We have jams, jellies, pickles, bacon, pancetta, sausages, pork rillette, chicken liver pate, marinated half chickens, farm direct eggs, butter & more. Available now!

Farm Dinner in a Box

Every day, scratch cooking for you, family & friends… without the work. Just heat ‘n heat. Weekly menus are posted on the blog. Orders must be emailed to by 5pm the previous day. Sales begin April 1.

new hours
Sunday: 8am – 2pm (beginning April 3)
Monday: closed
Tuesday: (5pm – 10pm, closed for cooking classes beginning April 5)
Wednesday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 5pm – 11pm
Reservations for groups of 6 or more: (612) 823-0011


©2011 Corner Table / Tour de Farm | 4257 Nicollet Ave South, Mpls. MN 55409








It is March and still snowing!

09 Mar

Small plates

lamb belly, shredded + seared, kimchi, cilantro + mint


beef tongue tacos, stewed white beans, cilantro + pickle relish


deep fried egg, served on shredded duck confit + micro greens


nosh plate, fresh sausage, goat cheese, pickles + apple, crostini, mustard


rabbit sausage with sweet + sour sauce + red cabbage braised in beer


savory quiche with caramelized shallots, goat cheese, tarragon + lemon hollandaise


potato + mushroom pierogi, brown butter, fresh horseradish + crème fraiche


cheese plate with petite biscuits + honey

1 choice     5.5                         2 choice     7.5         3 choice         9.5      4 choice   12.5


grilled grass-fed beef burger, braised + shredded beef chuck, served on brioche + bacon aioli, marinated + shaved red onion, with fried potatoes


granola, oatmeal encrusted semolina polenta, sautéed parsnips, carrots, turnips, served with celery root + apple slaw, raspberry vinaigrette + maple skyr


pan-roasted trout filet, rolled + stuffed with smoked trout, black-eyed peas + dirty rice, herbs + rémoulade sauce


roasted chicken breast, served atop carrot waffle, smoked chicken + white pepper gravy, charred carrot salad + thyme


100 mile tasting menus

spontaneous menu from the kitchen, inform your server about allergies

three course   45.     five course      65.

with beer or wine flight  55.     with beer or wine flight  85.

kitchen table    125.

Thanks to all the staff here at Corner Table: Dan, Chad, Victor, Kris, Lori, Gordon, Patrick, Thomas, Meghan + Caitlin

And now, a new menu… see you this weekend.

11 Feb

smoked trout, caramelized shallot flan, carrot caramel, crispy shallots + almonds

cassoulet, beans, duck confit, lamb bacon, bread crumbs, Rustica bread

gnocchi, butternut squash, sage + celery root puree

nosh plate, fresh sausage, goat cheese, pickles + apple, crostini, mustard

seared foie gras, spiced granola, roasted beets + plum compote

chicken liver paté, roasted garlic crostini, cilantro, pickled red onion + hardboiled egg

soft polenta, redeye gravy, poached egg, pickled pepper + shallot relish, + biscotti

cheese plate
with petite biscuits + honey

1 choice 5.5 2 choice 7.5 3 choice 9.5 4 choice 12.5


pan-roasted lamb leg, mint gnocchi, glazed carrots, crème fraiche

crispy semolina napoleon, roasted mushrooms, beets, carrots, parsnips + Mascarpone sauce

pan-roasted trout filet, potato risotto, radish sprouts, persillade, tarragon compound butter

braised pork belly + shoulder, pork sausage, braised cabbage, potato + onion

100 mile tasting menus

spontaneous menu from the kitchen, inform your server about allergies

three course 45. five course 65.

with beer or wine flight 55. with beer or wine flight 85.

kitchen table 125.