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New Years Eve 2010 Menu At Corner Table

31 Dec

New Years Eve Menu

$65 3-course with wine pairings, $45 3-course without wine pairings supplemental courses + wine pairings additional

first course

choose one

Marshall Farm rabbit terrine + seared loin, served with house mustard + crostini

Castillo Perelada, Spain     Brut Cava, Macabeo, Xarel lo, Parellada, NV

warm Au Bon Canard duck confit, poached farm egg + greens

Juve & Camps, Spain     Brut Rose, Pinot Noir, NV

baked apple en croute

Lorca Fantasia, Mendoza Argentina     Torrontes, 2009

supplemental courses

potato + chestnut gnocchi with mushrooms + brown butter          12

pair with     William Fevre, France   Champs Royaux, Chablis, 2008             10

Au Bon Canard foie gras torchon marinated in red wine                     22

pair with     Chateau Roumieu-Lacoste    Sauternes, 2006                   9

main course

choose one

lamb duet of braised shank with butter poached fingerling potatoes + seared leg with braised carrots

Cal Blanca, Toro, Spain     Tempranillo, 2007

crispy Riverbend Farm polenta, roasted pumpkin, chioga beets + Crave Brothers washed rind cheese

Swallow, Oregon     Pinot Noir, 2008

seared Au Bon Canard duck breast, celery root + potato gallete with apple + parsnip moustarda

Celler Pinol, Spain     Ludovicus, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009

dessert course

choose one

local cheese course: Star Thrower camembert cheese, Northern Lites blue cheese

Mont Marcal, Spain     Cava, Brut Rose, 2008

eggnog spice Star Thrower Farm ricotta cheesecake

with apples + brown butter shortbread cookie

Frisk, Australia     Riesling, 2009

chocolate torte, strawberry balsamic + beet caramel sauce

Swallow, Oregon     Pinot Noir, 2008

Guess what I am doing on New Years Eve – 2010

13 Dec


 In a beautiful 100-year old (heated) barn at Star Thrower Farm in Glencoe, MN Scott Pampuch will prepare a 5-course dinner with wine pairings from Solo Vino for the final evening of 2010!

Itinerary:        5:00pm **Bus will load at Corner Table;

                                Bus will depart at 5:30pm sharp

                                7:00pm Reception at Star Thrower Farm

                                8:00pm 5-Course Dinner, Music + New Years Eve Toast

                               12:30am Bus departs Star Thrower Farm;

                               Arriving at Corner Table at 1:30am

What to Wear: Although the barn will have heaters, please dress warm. Layers and Minnesota winter wear – hats, scarves, and mittens – with warm boots are suggested over sequin dresses and stilettos. Blankets may be helpful for warmth as well!

Still in need holiday gifts? We have a bunch of farmy items!

  • Tour de Farm t-shirts ($20), tank tops ($20), chef whites ($35)
  • Corner Table Restaurant Gift Certificates (any amount),
  • Cooking Class Gift Certificates ($100-$150),
  • Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers
  • book ($35) – come get it signed by Scott!

Menu for Week of December 7th, 2010

07 Dec


potato pierogi, caramelized onion, horseradish crème fraiche


seared pork confit, mustard, breadcrumbs,  poached egg + herbs


rabbit terrine, grilled + marinated mushrooms, marsala thyme sauce


smoked trout croquette, Romesco sauce


pumpkin flan, buttermilk biscuit, chestnut praline,pumpkin spice gastrique


nosh plate, house mustard, meat, cheese, hardboiled egg, crostini


soup du jour


selection of cheese, ask server for choices

2 choice    7.5   3 choice   9.5      4 choice   12.5


braised rabbit, polenta, greens + pancetta, sage jus


grilled trout, green lentils, warm bok choy + ginger slaw


spice rubbed chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, duck fat poached fingerling potatoes, fried chickpeas


gnocchi, mushroom, parsnip puree, blue cheese


pork loin, black eyed peas, collards, pear mostarda


poblano + goat cheese bread pudding, greens, poppy seed cumin, carrots, salsa verde


100 mile tasting menus

spontaneous menu from the kitchen, inform your server about allergies

five course                         65.     with wine flight                 85.

three course                         45.   with wine flight                55.

kitchen table                     125.

beef tasting menu coming soon!

featured farms

South East Minnesota Food Network, William Yoder, Drag Smith Farms, Ralph Lentz Farm, Cedar Summit Dairy, Pastureland butter,  Hope Creamery Butter, Star Thrower Farms, Fence Line Dairy, Au Bon Canard, Hoch Orchards, Prairie Hollow Farms, Hidden Streams Farm, Pastures A Plenty,  Shepherd Song Ranch, North Star Bison Ranch, Idle Hands Farm, Star Prairie Trout Farm, Riverbend Farms, Tangletown Gardens Farm, Callister Farm, Marshall Farm + all our other farmers and their staff


proudly serving filtered Minneapolis tap water

house-made soda 1.25

With all the talk about ‘local’ food, we wanted to let you know what on our menu is local and what isn’t. Turns out that what’s NOT local is a much shorter list: cooking oils, spices, salt, pepper, vinegar, lemons, black eyed peas, marsala, lentils, chickpeas, ginger and almonds.

New Menu Thursday!!!

27 Oct

So, many people ask me, “what is your signature dish?”  They ask, “what are you known for?  What is your style?”  Well, I tell them, come in and when you figure it out, let me know.   I simplely like great food that is not messed with by too many hands.   Check out our new menu.  (And, yes, the menu changes again, next week Thursday, just like our amazing regular customers have come to expect and love.  Thanks to them.)


Mississippi greens, beets, lardo, bacon vinaigrette 8

ricotta gnocchi, brown butter, butternut squash chip  7

smoked trout cake, pickled mustard seed aioli, Brussels sprout slaw   8

Pumpkin + goat cheese tart, apple, candied lemon + brandy  7

mixed greens salad, cider vinaigrette, crouton    4

nosh plate, house mustard, meat, cheese, hardboiled egg + crackers     7

soup du jour    5

selection of cheese, ask server for choices

2 choice    7.5      3 choice    9.5      4 choice   12.5


bison pastrami, spice persillade, greens, caraway spaetzle, potato + white wine mustard sauce                25

roasted trout, Brussels sprouts, bacon, apple + tarragon, beer sauce  19

pumpkin tortellini, oven dried tomato, squash + parmesan brodo 16

barley + quinoa risotto, mushrooms, carrots, beets + fermented black beans  16

pan roasted chicken breast, duck fat, fried potatoes,  roasted onions + tomatillo marmalade        19

lamb sausage, roast red pepper polenta, greens, almond, tomato + sherry gastrique                   18

A great chef + new chapter

10 Aug

Every chef has a number of challenges in any given day.  The biggest challenge is do what you want or do what the customers ask you to do.  When you get the chance to fulfill both of those on a day to day basis.  You are a lucky chef.

With this in mind, I want to congratulate, my friend, Mike Philips on his latest project Green Ox.   

I have known Mike since he went and opened Chet’s Taverna too many years ago that I want to remember.  The restaurant was the reason that I got my job at the Modern Café.  Mike had worked with Jim at the Modern and when they opened Chet’s a job opened up at the Modern.  (They just celebrated 16 yrs. You should have been at the Quinceanera, last year. Wow.) So, I guess if Mike and Jim would not have opened Chet’s, who knows what I would be doing right now.  

As we all know, Mike is a “meathead” and that is a huge compliment. This is a guy from IOWA that will not stop defending his very flat state.  He has been working towards this goal of in his words “…. just making meat all day” for a very long time.  He is a true craftsman.  Now he will get to continue his craft on another level and the Minneapolis area will be a better place for it. 

I know I have said this to you a number of times.  But really, nice work my friend, now get back to making meat. 

You know the phrase “… be like Mike”?  It has a whole new meaning to me now.


What do you do with all that Kale and Kohlrabi?

01 Jul


Hey everyone, I know this summer is busy for everyone.  If you are looking for a little help with that CSA box that you have been getting, here is a great opportunity.  I am working with Tangletown Gardens (site of our first Tour de Farm this year, btw.) this year and we are trying to do everything we can to make it easy for you to have some new tricks up your sleeve to handle all that beautiful produce.  

This little note is from their newsletter.  If you get a chance, give us a call and come on in. 

We know you love receiving your Farm Fresh Food shares every week. We know that it’s a treat to be learning about new vegetables like scapes and kohlrabi….but, really, what do you do with three different kinds of braising greens in one week? 

 Join us at Tangletown Gardens on July 7th at 6:00 PM to learn how to make the most of your vegetables. Pampuch will demonstrate strategies and techniques intended to inspire new ideas for using and preserving the vegetables in your share. Space is limited, so make your reservations now by calling the Corner Table Restaurant at 612.823.0011. $55 We hope to see you there. 

 Deadline to sign up is Monday the 5th, 2010.

Thank You City Pages! I Think?

04 May

So, a couple of weeks ago, Corner Table was given the award :  BEST RESTAURANT WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thoughts on the award and the recognition but there’s one teensy tinsy little problem: they’re not talking about the restaurant, they’re talking about one very special meal offering we have available. It is, is $125 per person for dinner, which is steep, but you, the diner, is in control of how much you eat. We feed you courses, not from the menu, but off of the top of our heads – with wine and beer pairings – UNTIL YOU TELL US TO STOP. Most people are eating somewhere between 15-20 courses. And as everyone likes a free meal, then of course it’s the best MEAL if someone else is paying. But really, you’re getting several meals.

Since the award came out, we have had customers now calling and emailing wondering what has changed with the menu?  Why are we so much more expensive?  WE’RE NOT, I PROMISE.

Our menu is still very diverse with offerings from $4 to $25 with tasting menus from $55 to $125. There’s a bit of something for every budget.

Thank You, City Pages for the award, really. We’re proud to say that people sure do agree with you on the ‘best’ part and so far nobody has complained about the price tag.

These two photo’s are of a chalkboard that customers at the end of the meal are able to give us some feed back.

So, far, so good.

Remembering what Jon taught me.

21 Apr

Jon Radle worked at Corner Table and it was some of the best food I have tasted anywhere.

Jon had applied to Corner Table, and I wondered why someone of his skill level would be applying to my restaurant.  I soon realized that he had so much to teach me, and he was always looking to learn.  We tied short ribs during his interview.  I will never forget that talk.   In the short time that I got to work with Jon, I realized that he was going to be an amazing chef. 

Restaurants in Minneapolis are better because of the food that he made and the skills that he taught others around him.  He will always be a one of the best cooks I know.

In Remembrance 

Date: Monday, April 26, 2010 Time: 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Location: Grand Café Street: 3804 Grand Ave S , Minneapolis, MN 

The Grand Café is deeply saddened to share the news of the unexpected death of our executive chef, Jon Radle. Jon’s unpretentious style and enthusiastic love of food and cooking infused the café with a warm and welcoming air. An award-winning chef, Jon was modest and hardworking. He had no taste for the role of celebrity. His graceful leadership set the tone at the café making it an intimate community working together. Jon was an integral part of this community and family. He will be deeply missed. Grand Café will be closed until Friday, April 23. It will reopen for business with associate chef Ben Pichler at the helm. We are very grateful for the unwavering support of Ben and all of the staff at the Café during this difficult time.

Sincerely, Mary and Dan Hunter

For funeral arrangements see

In addition : In remembrance of Jon there will be a gathering at Grand Cafe, Monday Evening April 26th @ 7:00. InfoContact: Mary Hunter 612-822-8260 (Café) or 612-616-4168 (Cell) GRAND CAFE 3804 Grand Ave. SMinneapolis, MN 55409 612.822.8260

Want to eat more local foods? Here’s how you start.

18 Feb

Every solution starts with someone taking the first step.

I have been having a lot of conversations these days about food.  I know that may not seem like such a big deal for a guy who owns a restaurant but these are bigger food conversations.  Things like:

”What is wrong with the food system, if anything?”

“Does ‘local’ food really matter?  Maybe it is just a trend.”

”What is local food?”

“All food is local, somewhere, right?”

”Isn’t eating locally really expensive?  I can’t afford it.”    And so on and so on.  Some of these questions come from customers, some come from peers, some come from friends, some are conversations in kitchens, and others are conversations in my head that have happened over the last five years.   They are all valid questions, and I have a bit of knowledge on some of them but I DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS.  (If I did, more people would be reading this blog, or I would have multiple books and you would see me on many talk shows, and we don’t want that, now do us.)

The thing that intrigues me so much about local food is that it does affect so many people and so many other parts of our lives.  It is energy. It is economics. It is the opportunity to share food with someone and ultimately develop community. It is sometimes the opportunity to be alone and just be in the moment all by ourselves.  Food is pleasure. Food is a challenge.  Food is art (if you work at it or get lucky.)  Food is very important to me.  This is why I spend so much time thinking about it.    This is how you can take that first step.  Just think about it.  Think about food.  Think about where it came from. Who grew it? Where did the seed come from?  What is the story behind that food? Who handled it along the way?  How many miles did it travel?  How many hands – how many people touched your food before it touched you? That food is yours, right in front of you.  Every time you choose to eat something you have bought all of where it’s come from.  Think about it.

Here are some ideas of what you can do to get the ball rolling.

1. Eat something you have never eaten.  Learn about it. Read about it.   Food Timeline and History

2. Take a friend to lunch,  even something small and simple, don’t talk about food, and just enjoy the time with that person.

3. Find a recipe for something you had eaten a long time ago and make it again.  Learn everything you can about that food.  If it is important enough that it is still in your memory, get to know it better.

4. Enjoy a guilty pleasure.  Find something, one bite of something that makes you just crazy.  Just one bite.

5. Find a server in a restaurant and talk to them all night long about food.  Servers know a lot and they are willing to share.  If that server does not know, they will find out and you will have helped them out with their knowledge as well.

6. Email a chef.  Send them a note about a meal you had, were it great, and were it bad, something, starts a relationship with a restaurant.  It will make you both appreciate the experience of eating in a restaurant that much more.

7. Email a farm, really.  Find out where you can get there food, buy a CSA. If you don’t know what a CSA is, look it up.  Ask that farmer more about why they farm.  GO, and help them, volunteer to work a day or make a visit.  (At the same time, respect the farms time, be creative, and maybe bring some friends and help for a day, of if not, just get to know them the best you can.)  Land Stewardship CSA List

8.  Foster creativity and curiosity in a child by introducing them to a new vegetable.  Let them eat it raw, the cook it, and let them see the difference.   Lyndale Youth Farm and Market Project 

I am going to end there, some of you may want to go to a top ten list or maybe 15, or 20, who knows, and I will let you fill in the rest.  Answer back and give me some of the things that you think about with food.  Try some of these things and see what happens.  In the end.  We all have to eat, so why not truly enjoy the process?

Vino + Vinyl is Moving

07 Jan


Wondering what we are doing with Sunday nights at the restauarnt.  Well, here you go.  Vino + Vinyl is moving to Thursady nights.  We already do $1.00 corkage fee on Thursday nights, so we are going to break out the turntable and spin some records as well. 

Sadly, we are going to close on Sunday nights.  We thank all those that walked in fromt he neighborhood, and spent Sunday nights with us.  We are going to have some new and exciting things happening at Corner Table. 

Stay Tuned.