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What’s a Corner Table Cooking Class Like?

08 Jan

This is the coveted pork belly class.  We had so much interest, so, keep an eye out, this class may show up again in February.   Or it might not…

The first thing we should mention is that this isn’t your normal cooking class.  For one thing it’s in the kitchen of a rather busy restaurant during dinner service.  Another thing is that you’re greeted with the first course of your dinner for that night, a “nosh plate” with beer or wine.

Behold our featured ingredient for the night,  the pork belly.

Mise en plase,  if you cook, you should know this phrase.  If you don’t, look it up.

Salt is very important.

Oops – the wifi went out so Chef de Cusine, Jorge Guzman, filled in talking about pickling while it was being fixed.  Just a little bonus since pork belly goes so well all things pickled.

And, again, the importance of salt and the two best tools in the kitchen.  Your hands.

Did we mentinon that you get dinner along with your class?  Yeah we did.  We’re going to mention it again. You get dinner along with your class.  This course was warm celery root and parsnip soup with bacon, pancetta, guancalle and fresh pork belly garnished with sweet red pepper and lemon simple syrup.

It appears that it was good to the last drop.

Not your traditional piece of fat to make lardo, but in the interest of using all parts of the belly, this is a quick verson of the traditional Italian ingrediant.

Ah, this is the joy that is pancetta.

This course is bacon and eggs: fresh pancetta, poached egg, spicy dark cherry + honey gastrique.

pork belly: braised

Hidden Steam Braised pork belly, butternut squash puree, Ames farm caramelized apples, creamy heirloom beans from Riverbend Farms.  Dessert had very little to do with pork belly, but it does speak to the balance betweena rich full dessert and citrus.  Rogue chocolate ganache with lemon curd, candied walnuts and chili sweet sauce.