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Topics We Ponder

14 Aug

We’ll be asking these questions at our table, and we’d love for you to chime in.

Food & Cooking

  • Eat to live or live to eat? :: Do you just eat because you aren’t full or do you eat because you are hungry for something?
  • Why do we want to watch people cook so much? :: What is it that we are looking for? Entertainment? Education? Both?
  • Learning to cook or leaning to make a recipe? :: Taking a cooking class, are you learning how to cook or are you learning how to read a recipe?
  • How do I cook that? Buy it and try, there is so much information out there.
  • Season + Season :: What is in Season and how do I season it?

Agriculture & Sustainability

  • What is a Farm?
  • What do we mean by local?
  • Ten chefs walk into a bar…?
  • Why should we be eating locally when we only have 6 months of growing season?