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When will it be about the food?

27 Jan
I have to do this. 

When will it be about the food?  Chefs and cooks are interesting, I guess.  I love that people are paying attention, talking and wanting more and more from restaurants and cooks.  But in the end we are all just people who will come and go. We will make great meals and we will make some not so great meals.  There are so many things that go into having a great meal; the atmosphere, the people you’re eating with, where you are in your life, your mood, your reason for eating, etc.   

So, I ask. What about the food? Now I know everyone is going to say, “How predictable for a guy who has a restaurant that is about food.” Well, I get asked the question all the time, “If I had the time, where would I go out to eat?” My response is always, “that depends on where the food comes from.” This answer surprises people a lot.

Vegan doughnuts that were great.  Who knew?

Vegan doughnuts that were great. Who knew?

I want to know who is cooking but more important to me, is WHAT they are cooking, if they can, are they finding the best ingrediants they can find? Are they more interested in technique than food? Do we really need food that looks art instead of what nature intended the food to look like? There is the need to continue growing our craft and there are a number of chefs that are doing that. But, really, is it more about the resume of the chef than what is on the plate? To me if a restaurant is standing in this day and age, they need to be fullfilling a need. Maybe not my need… but they are there for a reason.

So, make it about the food.  Really, lets pay more attention to what the food is and to the last meal that a person cooked.  

With that in mind, I would love to hear from you: 

  1. What were the ingredients in the last great meal you had?  
  2. What surprised you about the food?

(The doughnuts above were from Mighty OH doughnuts in Seattle.  Totally unexpected.  But great.)