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Tour de Farm Best of Dinner

30 Sep

In one week you will learn whose hand that is.

This coming week October 6th through the 10th, we are participating in MN Monthly Wine Week.  This is going to be a very fun week for us here at the restaurant and we hope you join us.  The theme for our wine week feature is that we will be offering a 5 course ” BEST OF TOUR DE FARM” menu. 

Some of you may already be familiar with our tasting menu’s at the restaurant.  Our tasting is all spontanious that night, at that moment in the kitchen, for your table.   Yes. that is how we do a tasting menu, all the time.  This menu is going to be different.  This week, and this week only, you will be able to relive one course at a time from every tour de farm dinner.  We will be taking a menu item and a wine paring from every Tour de Farm Dinner that we did this year and offer that as our 5 course menu this week only.  What I have listed below is the courses, the farms, the chef that originally did the course.  Our menu will be to replicate those dishes.  ( impersination is the highest form of flatery)  

1st Course

Hidden Stream Farm

Mike Philips


2nd Course

Walker Art Museum

Jim Grell

Fennel salad, green goddess dressing, + 1

year aged Northern Lites Blue cheese

3rd Course

Grassroots Farm

Scott Graden

Roasted beet + mozzarella salad

4th Course

Cedar summit Farm

Lenny Russo

Prime rib of grass fed beef + fingerling

potato + heirloom tomato jam


Star Thrower Farm

Jd Fratzke

Sheep’s milk cheese + cheese cake

The other bonus of coming in to dinner this week, is that when you do the tasting menu, you will get to get on our email list for Tour de Farm notices through out the winter months as well as a calander in advance of the dates for next year Tour de Farm dinners.

I would highly reccomend that you call for reservations and inform us if you wish to do the tasting menu.  Also, on Tuesday night there may be a special guest in the kitchen.  To be announced at a later date. 

‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’

17 Sep

I want everyone to go and read this and let me know what you think?  Is this a good thing?

“An American people that is more engaged with their food supply will create new income opportunities for American agriculture,” said Vilsack. “Reconnecting consumers and institutions with local producers will stimulate economies in rural communities, improve access to healthy, nutritious food for our families, and decrease the amount of resources to transport our food.”

The ‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’ initiative, chaired by Deputy Secretary Merrigan, is the focus of a task force with representatives from agencies across USDA who will help better align the Department’s efforts to build stronger local and regional food systems. This week alone, USDA will announce approximately $65 million in funding for ‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’ initiatives.

“Americans are more interested in food and agriculture than at any other time since most families left the farm,” said Merrigan. “‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’ seeks to focus that conversation on supporting local and regional food systems to strengthen American agriculture by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and spurring economic opportunity in rural communities.”

Know your farmer, know your food

For the full article:!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?contentidonly=true&contentid=2009/09/0440.xml

Let me know?  What does everyone think?