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Tour De Farm Tickets Now Available Online

17 May

” Hey, Me and the girls here wanted to let you know that  Tour de Farm tickets are available online

Thank You City Pages! I Think?

04 May

So, a couple of weeks ago, Corner Table was given the award :  BEST RESTAURANT WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thoughts on the award and the recognition but there’s one teensy tinsy little problem: they’re not talking about the restaurant, they’re talking about one very special meal offering we have available. It is, is $125 per person for dinner, which is steep, but you, the diner, is in control of how much you eat. We feed you courses, not from the menu, but off of the top of our heads – with wine and beer pairings – UNTIL YOU TELL US TO STOP. Most people are eating somewhere between 15-20 courses. And as everyone likes a free meal, then of course it’s the best MEAL if someone else is paying. But really, you’re getting several meals.

Since the award came out, we have had customers now calling and emailing wondering what has changed with the menu?  Why are we so much more expensive?  WE’RE NOT, I PROMISE.

Our menu is still very diverse with offerings from $4 to $25 with tasting menus from $55 to $125. There’s a bit of something for every budget.

Thank You, City Pages for the award, really. We’re proud to say that people sure do agree with you on the ‘best’ part and so far nobody has complained about the price tag.

These two photo’s are of a chalkboard that customers at the end of the meal are able to give us some feed back.

So, far, so good.