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So, what the heck is a CSK anyway?

30 Mar

Farm & Table, by Corner Table, introduces a Community Supported Kitchen membership.

A weekly box of provisions, prepped & prepared by Corner Table chefs, inspires home-cooked meals straight from the farms and local artisanal producers. The box is different each week and includes variations of meats, side dishes, soup starters, and basic pantry items.

Boxes are sold weekly or by 4, 6 & 8 weekly or biweekly memberships.

Two sizes are available: small (feeds about 2 people) and large (feeds about 4 people).

What does a box look like & how can I use it?

Your box will vary with the seasons, and what you create with the box is up to you. Or join an Open Kitchen cooking class to help beef up your home-cooking skills or look to the classics: James Beard, Julia Child… you know, those guys.

sample large box
1 whole marinated chicken
1 lb. hickory-smoked bacon
1 lb. grassfed ground beef
4 garlic sausages
1 dozen eggs
3oz. pickled green beans + onions
3oz. apple + parsnip moustarda
4oz. fennel + garlic pork terrine
1 loaf of Sun Street Bakery bread

sample small box
1/2 whole marinated chicken
1/2 lb. hickory-smoked bacon
1/2 lb. grassfed ground beef
2 garlic sausages
6 eggs
3oz. pickled green beans + onions
3oz. apple + parsnip moustarda
4oz. fennel + garlic pork terrine
1 loaf of Sun Street Bakery bread

How do I find out what’s coming in my box and how to use it?

Our Facebook page, Farm to Table Projects by Scott Pampuch, allows you to see what’s coming in the box and features a discussion board for you to share and learn with your Farm & Table home-cook community. Corner Table cooks and staff will pop-in with helpful hints and discussion topics.

Ordering Information

Orders can only be placed online. There is a one week lead time. Orders placed Saturday through Friday can pick-up beginning the following Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Well… I’ve got some more questions. We’ve got some answers.

What is a CSK?
Our CSK (community-supported kitchen) uses a model similar to a CSA (community-supported agriculture). By buying the box or a membership you are supporting a community of local + sustainable farmers and artisanal food producers.

Is the Farm & Table CSK different than Corner Table?

The kitchen at Corner Table supports the Corner Table dining experience, the community-supported kitchen, the cooking school, and Tour de Farm. It’s a busy kitchen constantly focusing on finding ways to provide local food and local food education to the Twin Cities.

Who is the CSK for?

Everyone and anyone! Busy singles and families! Professionals, families of all shapes and sizes, and those who are interested in learning how to cook and eat local + seasonal.

When & How can I sign up?

Any time! There is a one week lead time for orders. Orders placed Saturday through Friday can pick-up beginning the following Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You choose the pick-up day when you place an order. You can sign-up at our website: Ordering is done securely with Paypal.

How many people will a box feed?

There are two sizes: small and large. Because each home is different, and how much it will feed depends on your lifestyle and eating routine, we say the small box feeds about 2 people for a week and the large box feeds about 4 people for a week. The box is not intended to fulfill your entire weekly meal plan, but rather inspire it with local and nutritional products.

What Does a Box Include?

The box varies with the size of your box (small or large). The products in the box differ from week to week depending on the seasons and the farms product availability. You can expect to see things like: meats (chicken, grassfed beef, sausages, rilletes), vegetables (fresh or prepped for cooking), stocks, pickled items, artisanal cheeses, and bread from our new neighbor Sun Street Breads

Is there a Vegetarian Box?
Not right now… but we’re working on it!

I already subscribe to a CSA, do I need the CSK too?

Great! With a CSA you are supporting a farm directly! Most likely, your box includes lots of fresh + nutritional produce. With the CSK you will receive a variety of meal options already prepped for you to cook. The CSK can’t replace a CSA, but they sure taste good together! CSA + CSK = local love!

Where and when is Pick-Up?
Pick-up is at Corner Table Restaurant. On the corner of 43rd & Nicollet in south Minneapolis. Address is 4257 Nicollet Avenue. When ordering you can choose your pick-up time: Friday (5pm-11pm), Saturday (5pm-11pm) and Sunday (8am-2pm).

Can I change my pick-up day?

We would prefer you stick with the original pick-up day, but if you need to switch email with the information.

Do you offer delivery?

Not at this time, but we are looking into partnering with a bike messenger service.

Can I order items a la carte?

When you come to pick-up your box, or come to dine at Corner Table, you can purchase any available favorites from the deli case.

But I still have more questions!

Email or call (612) 823-0011 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Farm & Table

24 Mar
This is something that I have been wanting to do for some time, give everyone
the oppurtunity to have a simple conveinant way to get prepared food in your home.
Some of the preperation is done by us, some of it is ready to just heat and eat,
and some you will have to use your family recipees.

The kitchen at Corner Table is supplied with food from the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. We want to share this with you, and bring them to your kitchen; your table.

Using a community-supported kitchen (CSK) model, Farm & Table lets you build food experiences that bring you closer to the source of the food and the hands that grow and prepare it by:

Buying local, sustainable.

Your food will come within 150 miles of the restaurant. If it is not, it will be clearly labeled.

Preparing foods with traditional methods & classic cooking techniques.

We want to honor the history of our craft & the cooks who have come before us. We are dedicated to cooking with classic technique that has stood the test of time. Using French technique & years of learning, we will share our knowledge with you on how to sustain yourself, your family & your friends through food.

Preparing foods with the community.

We take volunteers & internships. Just ask.

Putting a real value on real food & preparation.

Sustainable agricultural practices reflect the true cost of growing real food. A sustainable food business reflects the true cost of preparation & our staff is compensated with livable wages. Volunteerism & service keeps our preparation costs lower, builds a community & supports home cooking skills.

Building a community interested in sustainable food & supporting the local economy.

Corner Table, Tour de Farm, and Farm & Table CSK are a few of the things we do here. Cooking classes, film series & non-profit work build a portfolio of our dedication to your journey with food.

Farm & Table CSK Box

Weekly box of provisions prepped & prepared for inspiring 7 days of meals straight from the farms. The box includes variations of proteins, sides, mirepoix & stocks. The boxes are sold weekly or by 4, 6 & 8 week memberships. Sales begin on April 1.

Deli Case

Supplemental to the Farm & Table CSK Box items are available a la carte. The deli case at Corner Table allows you to purchase all your restaurant favorites for your home. We have jams, jellies, pickles, bacon, pancetta, sausages, pork rillette, chicken liver pate, marinated half chickens, farm direct eggs, butter & more. Available now!

Farm Dinner in a Box

Every day, scratch cooking for you, family & friends… without the work. Just heat ‘n heat. Weekly menus are posted on the blog. Orders must be emailed to by 5pm the previous day. Sales begin April 1.

new hours
Sunday: 8am – 2pm (beginning April 3)
Monday: closed
Tuesday: (5pm – 10pm, closed for cooking classes beginning April 5)
Wednesday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 5pm – 11pm
Reservations for groups of 6 or more: (612) 823-0011


©2011 Corner Table / Tour de Farm | 4257 Nicollet Ave South, Mpls. MN 55409








In case you like to watch TV

11 Mar

Last year, I got this phone call about a possible TV show coming to Minneapolis and doing some filming. Well, let’s just say it was a very interesting experience.  We had a ton of fun and I got to work with some great people along the way.  Let me know what you all think?



In Search of Food:  Minneapolis – Tuesday, May 10, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Seaver’s visits include the Corner Table and cooking with chef Scott Pampuch, Mill City Farmer’s Market, Riverbend Farm, Hope Creamery, Dream of Wild Health, and the Oak Center General Store.

SANTA MONICA – March 10, 2011:  Exploring the artisanal cultural trend sweeping the culinary world, Ovation will premiere a new three-part series, In Search of Food, beginning Tuesday, May 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The program spotlights the popularity and resurgence of the “locavore” movement — cooking with locally sourced ingredients — which has invigorated local growers and farms around the country.

In Search of Food is hosted by acclaimed chef, author and sustainability advocate Barton Seaver.  The “locavore” movement, originated in the 1970s with Alice Waters and her famous restaurant Chez Panisse. The movement fueled by Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, has been embraced by food activists like Seaver. In the Ovation series, Seaver journeys across America charting the roots and growth of artisanal foods.

In Search of Food features Seaver’s visits to three distinct cities

— Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco —where he meets local farmers, chefs and food craftsmen.. He focuses on the importance of preparing and eating foods from the land and supporting producers, as well as the rewards of belonging to a passionate local community. Each episode culminates in a cooking collaboration with local chefs in the area who prepare a locavore feast for the farmers and growers and their families featured in the program.

Here are highlights from each episode:
•    In Search of Food:  New York – Wednesday, May 11, 8 p.m. ET/PT Seaver’s trip is highlighted by stops at such places as the Union Square Greenmarket, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Rouge Tomate, Eataly, Bubby’s, and the East New York Farms.

•    In Search of Food:  San Francisco – Thursday, May 12, 8 p.m.

ET/PT  In this final episode, Seaver focuses on the Hog Island Oyster Co., Sarah Weiner, Scribe Winery, Earthbound Farm, fishing with Artie Herning, Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, Bovolo; and special visits with Michael Pollan at Renaissance Forge and Alice Waters at Chez Panisse.



It is March and still snowing!

09 Mar

Small plates

lamb belly, shredded + seared, kimchi, cilantro + mint


beef tongue tacos, stewed white beans, cilantro + pickle relish


deep fried egg, served on shredded duck confit + micro greens


nosh plate, fresh sausage, goat cheese, pickles + apple, crostini, mustard


rabbit sausage with sweet + sour sauce + red cabbage braised in beer


savory quiche with caramelized shallots, goat cheese, tarragon + lemon hollandaise


potato + mushroom pierogi, brown butter, fresh horseradish + crème fraiche


cheese plate with petite biscuits + honey

1 choice     5.5                         2 choice     7.5         3 choice         9.5      4 choice   12.5


grilled grass-fed beef burger, braised + shredded beef chuck, served on brioche + bacon aioli, marinated + shaved red onion, with fried potatoes


granola, oatmeal encrusted semolina polenta, sautéed parsnips, carrots, turnips, served with celery root + apple slaw, raspberry vinaigrette + maple skyr


pan-roasted trout filet, rolled + stuffed with smoked trout, black-eyed peas + dirty rice, herbs + rémoulade sauce


roasted chicken breast, served atop carrot waffle, smoked chicken + white pepper gravy, charred carrot salad + thyme


100 mile tasting menus

spontaneous menu from the kitchen, inform your server about allergies

three course   45.     five course      65.

with beer or wine flight  55.     with beer or wine flight  85.

kitchen table    125.

Thanks to all the staff here at Corner Table: Dan, Chad, Victor, Kris, Lori, Gordon, Patrick, Thomas, Meghan + Caitlin