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Community Supported Kitchen is the new black.

26 Apr

It is all the rage.  Who knew.  Thanks to another “meathead” like myself in the north metro.  (Amongst us who like to cut meat, that is a compliment)  It was great talking to Eric a month ago and it is awesome that he is taking the idea and running with it.  Great work Eric.  I look forward to stopping in some day and checking it all out.

In the mean time here is what we got coming up on the south side.  Check out the website and the link and you can get in on these great things to come. Remember, you have until midnight on Sunday to pick up the following Friday.

This weeks box will be:

Coq au vin slow braised chicken in wine with carrots, celery and onion

Mashed potatoes – Ready to go with all the great butter and cream that we have. Oh, so good

Bacon – Need we say more.

Pickled carrots – Everyone needs a pickle now and again

Beef stew meat – Chuck roast all ready cut and ready to go.  Perfect mix between marbling and lean. Chili or stew.  It is still raining a bit you know.

Eggs – Eggs meet bacon, Bacon, meet eggs.  DONE.

Ramp relish – This is all you, just take a small bite and find a home.  It goes with everything.

Sun street bread –  A house is a home with a great loaf of bread around.

Chicken stock – The foundation to great cooking is great stock.

Oregano fennel chicken – Great on the grill –  we hope warm enough
Sausage – yep, more sausage.  It is just a good thing
Pickled onion –  We are thinking sandwich here with leftover grilled chicken?  Maybe?
Smoked trout –  Star Prairie is a great source for us and we just want to share.  (great with the next item on the list)
Eggs –  great with the smoked trout above.
Beer mustard –  Are there two greater words in the English language that go together?   Don’t think so.
Sun street bread – Yep, more of that great bread.
Chicken stock – Always there, so you better have used your last quart up for soup or something

Orange coriander chicken –  ON THE GRILL!
Bacon – With anything you are about to eat, add bacon.  Trust me on this one.
Pickled asparagus – Boy I hope the asparagus is in.  If not, something very springy.
Lamb stew –  We made it, you eat it.
Eggs –  We love eggs, you get that yet?
Mint + basil pesto –  I hear it goes great on an egg sandwich
Sun street bread – Yep.  Can you believe how good that is?
Chicken stock –  If you still have it, use it or freeze it.  Trust me you will be looking for it one day.

Curry chicken –  Just makes sense.  Roast it and use it for a salad you get with greens from the farmers market
Sausage –  Where was the sausage last week, you missed it didn’t you.  IT”S BACK!!!
Pickled garlic + ginger –  Now were are getting a bit crazy.  Tell us what you think.
Burger – Grilling and chil… wait, I don’t think I can say that with out paying a royalty.   You know what to do with it.
Eggs –  Goes great on the above item on the grill
Rhubarb condiment –  yes, we like to pickle and cook ours, thinking that you have enough fresh stuff.
Sun street bread –  Maybe buns.  We will see?
Chicken stock –  Have you gotten the routine yet?

Here is the first picnic of the season.

25 Apr

Have you heard of a “chick-nic?”  Well, that is what we are going to have in the morning in July.  These are some of the women that make our city a great food town. Come and meet them all in one big breakfast on the farm.

Click here and get all the details.

Michelle Gayer, Solveig Tofte, Sheela Namakkal, Molly Hermann @ Riverbend Farm
July 31 : 10am (YES, we are doing breakfast.)




And now a word from Tour de Farm.

22 Apr

This time of year, a number of you have been waiting to hear what we are going to do this year with our dinners.  Well, you are the first to know.  Here you go:

More announcements to come.  Click below and find out what the first dinner is.

Tour de Farm 2011


How is that CSK going?

20 Apr

Farm to Table Projects from Scott Pampuch

Here is what some of our people are saying.  They are sharing ideas on our facebook page. “Farm to Table Projects by Scott Pampuch”

…We could not wait and had dinner as soon as we got home-ciabatta spread with a tiny bit of delicious pesto and a smoked meat (a delightful surprise) and salad with some of the pickled beets over greens. The chicken will be roasted and served with mash, the bacon destined for both a bacon and mushroom quiche, and to be fried into crisp little bits and tossed with the pesto and some spaetzle. The pork is being made into a spicy stew and the stock (also a surprise) went straight into the freezer and will be used with some white beans and kale for a braise.

…YOU GUYS – make a breakfast sandwich with the eggs, bacon, pesto and sesame wheat ciabatta – it’s an epic sandwich 🙂


…our ground beef became 2 cheeseburgers with sharp cheddar and toasted english muffins for the buns. the bacon and eggs became breakfast sandwiches – i’ve always loved fresh egg, so good and fluffy!

we threw the bbq chicken into a crock pot with some extra seasoning and a little bit of chicken broth and let it cook on low for 8 hours or so. then we shredded it all up – the first night we just had shredded bbq chicken sandwiches with chipotle cheddar. the rest we turned into spicy enchiladas.

the sausages probably would have also gotten eaten, but the end of the weekend got kind of crazy, so they are in the freezer. can’t wait for our next box!


Spring is here and menu is slowly changing

07 Apr

Menu started April 7th

small plates

 duck confit, sunflower sprouts,  sherry vinaigrette + crostini            9

potato blini, horseradish + roasted beets, pickled mustard seed dressing      7                                                             

gnocchi, mushroom,  basil puree + pickled red onion           8

 nosh plate, fresh sausage,   goat cheese, pickles + apple, crostini      8

 green salad + radishes, croutons, lemon + olive oil            7                                   

shaved pork sirloin, smoked trout aioli + caper, chive, parsley salad       8

cheese plate with petite biscuits + honey

1 choice     5.5                         2 choice     7.5         3 choice         9.5      4 choice   12.5

 main plates

 duck breast + wild rice pancake, lemon sauce, micro greens + puffed wild rice       22

grilled pork loin, green salad + red wine vinaigrette, roasted baby red potatoes, mustard + thyme sauce      19

 pan-roasted trout, celery root + caramelized onion, green beans      17

 chicken, paillard, brown butter radish, sesame + wheat grass salad      18

100 mile tasting menus

spontaneous menu from the kitchen, inform your server about allergies

three course                                    45.      five course                           65.

with beer or wine flight  55.      with beer or wine flight  85.

 kitchen table                       125.

“You say brunch, I say breakfast, let’s call the whole thing off! ”

04 Apr

Well, there is a lot more conversation about breakfast or brunch than I ever thought.  Here are a couple of my thoughts:

1.  I love eggs

2. I don’t take myself that seriously

3. There is tomato product on the menu that is from the last season  from a local farmer.

4. When I post on a blog, I always use my real name, and email address.  I would appreciate that a bit more.  Grandma always said, ” When you say something nice or bad about someone on a blog, make sure you use your real name so people know who you are and will respect you for standing up for your opinion and your point of view”.

Ok, maybe my grandma did not say that, but soon, there will be grandma’s saying something like that.   I would assume.  So, with out me saying something that people could take out of context and make a big deal out of, here is the menu that I serve on Sundays between the hours of 8am and 2pm.  If you like it, come on in, if you don’t, well, I hope you have a nice Bru…… MEAL where ever you end up.  Happy Eating!!

Corner Table

Sunday Breakfast
8am – 2pm
ask about daily scrambled special

post-Modern hash : braised beef, red onions, rosemary, garlic, potatoes + two eggs

mock lobster roll : scrambled egg whites with Old Bay aioli in a garlic butter grilled bun

smoked trout cake + potato pancake with spicy rémoulade, red cabbage + bacon + two poached eggs

cinnamon + sugar French toast, caramel apples + maple

pancakes + maple butter

waffle, raspberries + whipped cream

Butchers Breakfast : scrapple, sausage, bacon, beans

Meat + 3 : choose one meat option and then one from each line below

Meat :  maple + thyme sausage or one pancake or hickory smoked bacon or fried pork terrine
one pancake or lunchbox oatmeal bread or flax + potato grain bread or one slice French toast

2 eggs :  over easy or scrambled or over hard or poached (or however you like them, we will do our best) duck fat fried potato, or potato pancake or herb roasted potato

See you all on Sunday..