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“You have a TV show? Now what?

26 Apr

As you may know, I have a TV show that is on the Ovation network right now. (YEA, I still kind of can’t believe it.) In Search of Food was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you to Emma, Sam, Jake, Richard, and all the crew for helping me get through shooting my first TV show. Most of all, I have to thank Sian, you had blind faith in me the first time we met, you saw something and you have been very supportive.
If any of you have questions about ISOF please go ahead and leave me a note here and I will just start answering questions.  A couple of them that are repeating are:

How did you get a TV show?” I still don’t know, other than when a British guy from NY called me and said, “Well, we were searching for people in Minneapolis that are associated with local food, and well, your name just kept coming up.” Seriously? Wow. Thanks to Kris Hase for that one. And thanks for this new website. Always really great looking stuff.
What was it like doing a TV show?” I have no idea what it was like, it felt like my life. Traveling to meet my food mentors. Visiting farms. Talking to people about how to incorporate local and sustainable food into their life. Cooking. Talking and eating with the crew. You know, just another day. Are you kidding me? It was really amazing. Everyone was so very accommodating, supportive, fun, and just into the project. It all comes down to if you love what you do, it just does not feel like work. It feels like life.
“You did three shows with Joel SalatinChef Ann Cooper and Jason Mraz” Why, yes, I did. All three shows were very different. The energy, the space, the timing, the weather, the farms and well, the featured guests.
You get the idea, so go ahead and send me some other questions and I will get back to you.
That is the question that I really want to address. Yea, now what? Well, what did you think of the shows? What did you remember about the shows? Was there anything that stuck with you? That is what I want to hear from you about. My thoughts are as follows:

“Lunch Money” If you know a child, or a person who knows a child and that child goes to a school and eats hot lunch, you better know the answer to this question: “How much money is budgeted for that child to eat during the day to give them enough nutrition and energy to get through the day. How MUCH?” KNOW THIS NUMBER. Now think about it. How much is that really? What can you buy for lunch with that much money? Ok, that was a lot of questions, but you get the point. I would love to hear where the school is, what is the budget and more importantly, do you think that is enough money? TAKE AWAY: Please pay attention to what kids are eating. If you don’t know? FIND OUT. And ‘cold-lunch-opt-out” so you don’t have to worry about hot lunch budget is not an answer.

“Three Squares” If you know me, you know what the feeling was when all of the sudden I had a voice mail from Joel Salatin. (Yes, I still have his cell number.) It was an honor and a privilege to be a guest at Polyface farms. To answer the first question here: Yes, that is Joel, he is always Joel. “The Joel-ness of the Joel.” “What do we eat?” How do I get sustainable food in our personal “food chain?” Where do I find the time and the money to buy this “non-packaged-non-processed-nutrient rich-ripe-whole-food” and how do I cook it? Well, think about it in a very simple way: ” WWJD” What would Joel do? Well, for breakfast it was local eggs, bread, potatoes, onions, bacon, sausage, pretty simple right? Not every day, but how simple is it to find all those ingredients LOCAL where ever you are in the world. They are all over and all year round. Find the basics and start to commit to those basics all the time, and soon it will be a habit. Speaking of habits, that is really what eating locally is about. It is about changing your habit of buying the same food, the same brands, the same , the same, the same. That does not even sound like it would be fun to do every day, but that is the habit that we have gotten into for the last 70 years. TAKE AWAY: Basics, local and commit to it year round.

“Raw Materials” “Mraz, Jason Mraz, the singer-songwritter-grammy award winning great dude.” Yep, he is just that mellow all the time. Very gracious. The idea of this show was to put me in a situation that well, kind of felt like I was getting “f-uncked” (food-punked). Here I am, a grass-fed, pig-butchering, meat-eating Midwestern guy, let’s take him to California and take away his butter and bacon. It was a challenge, but not as much of a challenge as eating a mushroom and soy “burger,” taking 5-35 bites after shooting that scene over and over again. It was not THAT bad (wink wink). What I learned from this and I think is the huge piece of this is no matter how you eat, what you eat, with whom you eat, where you eat, PLEASE remember to enjoy your food and the people you share your meal with every single time. It is not rocket science or brain surgery. Food is what ties every human together. It is a primal connection to each other, to our land and to the animals or plants that we eat. TAKE AWAY: THINK ABOUT IT and please have fun with those you are with for they nourish you as well.

Thanks to everyone that had something to do with making all this possible and well, let’s just say there is a lot more to come and this is going to be a very busy year.

In Search of Food 2012 on Ovation TV

15 Apr

Please join Chef Scott Pampuch
to celebrate the launch of his Ovation Network series

In Search of Food
 Wednesday, April 18
6:00 – 9:00 pm (Show airs 7-7:30 pm during event)

Saga Hill Cooking & Events  Appetizers, Fulton Beer, Wine, Cash Bar, Music

Episode 3: San Diego, “Raw Materials,” beginning at 7:00 pm. Grammy Award-winning artist, eco-activist and vegan Jason Mraz challenges Pampuch to make a raw vegan meal at Mraz’s organic avocado farm.

Cash or check donations for Laughing Loon Farm will be collected inside. Email or DM @ScottPampuch for more information.

Here are a few articles that are talking about the show:

Thanks Dara
Thanks Jason
Thanks Lee
Thanks Joanne



Chlogging (Chef Blogging)

07 Apr

I’m still here, with old and new ideas about cooking, about life, about what I see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and what I do.

If you know me, you know that I write like I think, and if you don’t know me, well, hang on and get used to asking yourself, what the hell was that long run on sentence? I’ve always been a better talker than a writer but I’m working on writing and sharing pics, articles, ideas, stories about the people, food, and issues that motivate me and make me think and that I hope will make you think too.

So, here I am, a new blog, and a new page in my life.

Mark your calendars/set your DVRs for April 16, 17, and 18, 7pm, when the second season of In Search of Food will debut on the Ovation Network, this year hosted by yours truly. I had the crazy honor of talking to and learning from sustainability super-heroes Joel Salatin, Chef Ann Cooper, and this new guy into local farming named Jason Mraz, maybe you have heard of him.  It was the experience of a lifetime and I hope that you’ll watch and let me know what you think.

If you’ve been wondering about Tour de Farm dates for 2012, see my recent post on the Tour de Farm blog.

Things I am looking at and absorbing at a pretty alarming rate.

Things that harken back to the past…James Beard Foundation

Things that make me understand where I am in the food world today.. Lexicon of Sustainability

Helping me understand more of what being a chef and part of a age old craft really means… David Chang