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11 Feb
Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy.......

Here piggy, piggy, piggy.......

This is one of the reasons I work with farmers.  No matter how much time I put in at the restaurant, I do think of the farmers getting up earlier than I do.  Working out in the fields in all kinds of weather.  Doing what they do, because they love it.   This was a recent article that was in the Rochester Post Bulletin.

For the Kleins, that next level means increasing direct sales to consumers while finding more time to spend with their family.

Ultimately, Lisa said, the goal is “to get this good food in everyday people’s hands.”

While they want to grow their business, they continue to practice and promote sustainable farming. They remain active in Farm Beginnings, an initiative of the Land Stewardship Project that educates farmers about low-cost, sustainable farming methods. The Kleins attended the program early on and are still involved as mentors for participating farmers.

Hidden Stream Farm is by no means the only small farm trying to fill a niche in the market today, but that doesn’t worry Lisa Klein.

“The competition is there because everybody is trying to make a living doing what we’re doing,” she said. The Kleins want those competitors to thrive, not fail.

“We’d like to see more small farms succeed,” Lisa said.

Here is the full article.

Here is their website as well.

Clanceys in Linden Hills carries their pork for retail.  Call them @ 612-926-0222.

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