Talking Turkey

03 Nov

This email came to me today.. and made me think of a couple of things.  One, the cooking classes that we have started at Corner Table.  You should go and check them out.    Corner Table cooking classes.  The classes are not your normal, come in, sit down, and just look through all the recipee’s that have been written out for your.  You will be sitting in our kitchen on a Wednesday night. We will be making the recipee as we go and talk about how that happens.  You will be writting the recipee for yourself.   Oh, and at the end of class we will sit and have dinner.   So, come prepared with your questions, and ideas, heck bring those family recipee’s and we will see what we can do about giving them an update using all local ingrediants.


This is from the LocalHarvest crew..

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

 My Dad called again this morning. After the perfunctory niceties, he launched in: “Have you figured out the menu yet?” For the first time in years, he’s hosting the family for Thanksgiving, and, for reasons that have gone unexplained, put me in charge of the menu.

 “Now, give it some flair, Erin.  Nobody wants the same old thing.”

“Sure, Dad. I’ve got some great new recipes.”

“But don’t stray too far from the basics. People like what they like.” (Pause.)

“I’ll do my best, Dad.”

“Don’t forget to go all out on the pies, all right?”

Me? I live for pie. Of course I’ll go all out.

With Thanksgiving just three weeks from Thursday, you too may be in heavy negotiations over side dishes and desserts. If you are casting about for food inspiration, we invite you to browse through the LocalHarvest catalog. Sometimes high quality ingredients are the thing that sets the meal apart. Not sure what you would do with a heritage bird? We’ve got a great roasted turkey recipe, specifically created for heritage birds. 

 As always, take good care, and eat well, Erin Erin Barnett Director

p.s. Don’t forget the cranberries!

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