Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

13 Nov


Here is a re-cap of the first cooking class.  As you can see we started the class with some notes, and some wine.   This is how all classes should start.

DSC_0484 DSC_0467

I also put down some snacks knowing that you are coming from work, so, don’t worry about getting feeding yourself on the way in.


The classes take place right in Corner Table’s kitchen while dinner service is going on.  It is very interactive and spontaneous.  The structure is very free and open. When questions come up with just four people in the class we can just answer then.  The question came up in class of what to cook for vegetarians for Thanksgiving:  my answer was whatever they wanted.  Keep meats out of side dishes, use vegetable broths for cooking so that all the sides are fair-game and that alone can be a great dinner of vegetables, stuffing and… don’t forget the pie.  Stay away from TO-FURKY!! (Sorry, I am sure I am offending someone.)


Number one rule: Season your food.  My turkey gets trussed after the brine, rubbed with lemons, then stuffed with lemon halves to roast, and plenty of pepper.

DSC_0533 DSC_0530

We talked about some side dishes and stuffing as well.  I like to make a southern style spoonbread and then use that to add to bread for stuffing.  We also added corn from this season that I have in the freezer, our housemade bacon ( there were no vegetarians in the room), some wild rice and fresh thyme.  I also used a white chicken stock ( on the cutting board) compared to a brown stock ( next to cutting board) which made a great sauce for the stuffing.  The stocks mentioned will be talked about in an upcoming class titled: Pantry.

DSC_0510 DSC_0658

More classes to come, some are already sold out.  Remember:  Learn a recipe and you will be able to make that one dish; learn a technique, and you will be able to make whatever you want.

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