Dinner with Rick Nelson…..

20 Nov

This blog is a place for me to get out some thoughts, ideas, have a conversation, and fill people in on what goes on in our restaurant, just in case you are interested.  With that said:  dinner this past Thursday night was a bit different for us.

One of the things you do as a cook, chef, restaurant owner, server, etc. is find out who the food writers are for all publications.  Which is now very difficult.  So many people write about food, you never know who is sitting in the dining room.  Well, the Star Tribune has a gentleman by the name of Rick Nelson writing about food.  He has been writing there for years, and I’m lucky to say that since I was at the Modern Cafe in Minneapolis, Rick and I have had a working relationship.   He knows who we are, I know who he is, so when he comes in he gets the same treatment as everyone else.  This is very serious.  He has a difficult job, and so do we, and knowing that a food writer is in your dining room, is always a bit nerve wracking.

So, what is the point of the post?   Well, it happened that Rick came into the restaurant the other night under an assumed name..   We had no idea and I give him credit for shocking us.  But it doesn’t end there, not only did he and his partner Robert come in for dinner,  but he brought two of the twin cities most well known dinners, Bob and Sue Macdonald.  If you are  in the restaurant industry, you know Bob and Sue.    They are great people that are passionate about food and wine.  They support so many restaurants with both their own dollars, but also by word of mouth.   So, now we have a food writter and a couple twin city heavyweight dinners not only in the restaurant, but at our KITCHEN TABLE.

So, yes. to say the least, we were a bit on edge.   What follows next  are a couple of photos of the night as well as some simple commentary.

Bob and Sue McDonald at Dinner Kitchen Table

The four are engaging in a conversation about a number of restaurants both in and out of the Twin Cities.  I have to say, to be able to listen to that conversation was interesting to say the least.

If you’re ever in the position to cook for Bob and Sue, you soon learn that they are very well informed about food.  They have over the years chronicled their dinning adventures and given hand written notes on what restaurant, what they ate, the chef, the wine, and other notes regarding the experience, to a number of chef’s in the twin cities.

Rick Nelson @ CT Kitchen Table Rick Nelson

 Here is shot right at dessert time, with some Lustau sherry.    The next photo is of Rick Nelson, so if you see him in a restaurant in the twin cities, know that you will more than likely be seeing something about that restaurant in the newspaper some time soon.

I am not going to write about the food here I am sure that you will be seeing something soon (with hopefully some nice things about us) in the Taste section of the Star Tribune.   Thanks again, Rick, Robert, Sue and Bob for a great evening.


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