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18 Sep

“…It also says something about how that chef & restaurant are willing to cook & develop menus. …you put yourself into the same boat as the farmer worrying about weather & rain & how that effects the crops. So, if the hail destroys the salad green crop or tomatoes you do without instead of buying some flown in from halfway across the country & change your menu based on what is available.”

This was written by “kat,” a commenter on a previous post.  I think about this every time I decide on where I am going to eat.  This to me, is what makes a restaurant committed when you put yourself on the line right out there with the farms.  Somewhere in this website there is a statement that we are a “farm driven” restaurant.  I believe that and practice that every day.  It does depend on what comes in from the farm, what the weather is like, it is truly a different way of thinking.

So, what is the point you are saying, he just said the same thing over and over.   Well, what is the point?  That is the question.  Why does this make a difference? We are a restaurant and you are the customer.  We should make what you want.  We should have things available year round.  We should be like every other restaurant out there.   REALLY?

What I strive for in my restaurant every day is to make better food, give better service, and help people enjoy their meal.  That simple.  Not to say that is not the goal of other restaurants.  But, I feel we are doing everything we can.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that we are the only one doing this, they are out there and they are making a difference.

There is the question.  Lets start with that.  Who do you trust?  Why does it matter to you?

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  1. HungryinSW says:

    It matters to me, because I believe that life needs to be more simplistic, right down to the diet. Our lives, like the food we eat is becoming more and more diluted with additives. I like the purity and freshness from simple foods prepared and raised by simple folks. As with anything in life, a few simple ingredients, mixed well together can make for a perfectly satisfying experience.

  2. Jay Fehl says:

    With thinking locally and I do agree with it. Does anyone think about the farmer that has it way worse than a farmer here locally? I have worked with great people over the years that are farmers in Mexico and Ecuador that provide wholesome food to a global market. People here in America should get to know the other side of the story from the source.

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