Road trip and some thoughts.

22 Oct
County road 60 just outside of wabasha
County road 60 just outside of Wabasha

This is what it looks like where I come from in south eastern Minnesota.  This is what a working farm looks like.  Now, yes, there are a lot of “working farms,” but what is your definition of working farm?  Dixie and Ralph, the owners of this farm, got to a point that they almost had to let it go, but as a family they decided they wanted to keep it.  So, their kids (all adults now with their own farms near by) all chip in and help so they can keep the farm up and running.   That is a working family farm to me.

But this is not the where most of our food comes from.  Most “working farms” are large scale productions where volume is prized over everything else.

So, what do you think?

  • What is your definition of a farm?
  • Is this what certain companies with very large ad campaigns mean when they say local?
  • How do you deifne local family farm?

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s getting more interesting to arrive at definitions these days of what is a farm and what is organic, etc. considering that organic itself has become part of the industrial farm model of monocultural cropping, etc. And then there’s the guv’mint definition of organic. And I started this comment with an idea of my definition but now suddenly it’s getting hazy. I guess the ideal definition would be the example Michael Pollan wrote about in Omnivore’s Dillema–Polyface farm, I think it was. And, thankfully, we’ve got a lot around here that that are trying to follow that path.

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