Tour de Farm 2010 Tickets on Sale Now at Corner Table

04 Apr

Saturday April 3rd brought the kickoff of the Tour de Farm 2010 season. We started with an open house where folks could come in eat come food, get more info about the events and buy tickets. (Yes, we sold a lot of them! You might want to get yours soon!) We were lucky enough to be joined by Dave & Flo from Cedar Summit, Scott & Debra from Star Thrower and Greg & Mary from Riverbend joined us for some eats and chatting.

Tickets for the events will be available for purchase exclusively at Corner Table for the next few weeks. (Yes, you still get a FREE beer with purchase!)

Did you get your ticket, yet?

Mm, free beer tastes better…

We even gave away some glasses from Furthermore Beer who is nice enough to sponsor us again this year!

Step right up and get your tickets here!

You can also get yourself some sandwiches.

Mm roast beef sandwich…

That’s what she had.

They tried one of each.

Brilliant chef in the making has already mastered deconstructing his food.

This would be the turkey salad sandwich. (You so wish you had been there don’t you?)

And then dessert, mm – do you choose Pastureland pound cake with strawberries…

or chocolate chocolate chip cookies? It was a tough choice and why you always need to bring a co-eater with you.

And then time for the dinner menu to rule…

Scott & Deborah Pikovsky, from Star Thrower Farm

Greg & Mary Reynolds from Riverbend Farm

Mm – stop in, get your tickets and fill yourself with some tasty food made from ingredients from all of these local farmers!

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