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04 Oct

Just so everyone knows, I am not that great of a blogger, I tend to talk better than write.  ( insert joke there if you know me)   So, just going to give you a quick update on some happenings around CT.

Tuesday I got to attend a talk that was sponsored by Food Service News and see Lenny Russo’s new Heartland restaurant. Listen to Joanne Berkencamp with IATP talk about  The Local Challenge”  Very interesting.

TDF and CT were featured along with Tracy Singleton, Riverbend Farms, Hope Creamery Butter, 1000 Hills Cattle and many more local folks we work with on TDF as well as here at CT for an upcoming episode on a show called ” In search of food”  ( Working title).  It was shot by a production company out of NY and host Barton Seaver is the real deal.  He can cook, and his understanding of sustainability is great to see.  The show is featuring three one hour shows and will air in spring on the Ovation Network.   Yep, this was done Wednesday at CT and then in Oak Center, MN till about 12midnight on Thursday and then drove straight through to Norfolk Nebraska for this event….

Just got back on Saturday night from cooking for about 200 people Grass-fed cattleman conference in Norfolk NE.  MYSELF.  Yes, it was a strange couple of days, I slept about 8 hours in the course of 48 and all told, the ranchers got to finally eat some grass-fed brisket and they loved it.  I got to work with a conference center and had the chance to connect them with the local farmers market that I got some of the ingredients from for the dinner.   Mission accomplished.

Gearing up for Duluth TDF and then we are left with the NEW YEARS EVE dinner for TDF this year.

More to come in a few days.  Oh and by the way, here is the latest menu here at CT.


potato pancake, walnut butter, apple, bacon, Brandy pan sauce


Hubbard squash, white beans, parmesan soup + celeriac slaw


smoked trout, scrambled eggs, caramelized onion, crostini


mixed greens salad, lemon vinaigrette, thyme crouton


roast beet salad, polenta croutons, parsley, tarragon + mustard dressing


nosh plate, house mustard, meat, cheese, hardboiled egg, house made cracker


soup du jour, hot or cold


buttermilk fried chicken, bell peppers, onions, green beans + potato Kimchi hash


mustard crusted pork loin, carrots, cauliflower, braised cabbage + mustard sauce


whole roasted trout, braised kale with bacon  + Hungarian wax peppers


arugula gnocchi, turnips, ham, mizuna, cantaloupe + pink peppercorn butter

lentil + chickpea stew, pumpkin, Swiss chard, cippolini onion + Hubbard squash


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