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29 Oct

You know who you are, you are those people that listen to the radio and wait and wonder how the story will end.  This to me is part of the weekend.  All the stories and things going on.  I was driving to work last Saturday, and heard the show Weekend America on NPR.

Ok, my name is Scott, I listen to NPR.  (“Hi, Scott, says the group of people that listen as well, feeling like we are part of a support group for others.)

I heard this story and this next paragraph just made me stop in my tracks.  Just listen and think.  We are in a time when decisions are being made for the next 2-4-8 years.  It really does surprise me that no one on a national level is talking food cost in this country.  No one is talking food distribution and safety on a national level.   Here is the quote that made me think.

“You know, I’m not your conventional Iowa farmer, in that I don’t have a combine, and we don’t have 800 acres of corn and soybeans. We are raising food the way your grandparents raised food. And so we don’t feed any hormones or antibiotics. We just let pigs be pigs and cows be cows. We’ll take our hogs one at a time to the locker and to the processor, and then our customer will come and pick it up. Regulations for the small-town processors are becoming more and more difficult, because it’s all geared towards bigger. So that leaves the smaller things behind, whether it’s main street stores, or small family farms.”

Here is the link for the rest of the story.

Remember the Farm bill that we heard about sporatically last year?  What happened?  How is it being applied?  Some people say that it does not affect me.  I think you should reconsider your statement.  Food in this country in every way affects everyone.  Simple as that.  Here is a link to a group that gives us some more information on where and how things are evolving witht he farm bill.

So, again, I know a pretty heavy thing to think about right now, we do have other things to address, but we have to plan ahead people.

Question:  Does the Farm bill affect you and how?

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  1. Mike says:

    Great article in the NY Times Magazine a couple weeks ago by Mr. Pollan on those very thoughts, “An open letter to our next Farmer in Chief.” Turning the economy around involves revamping our ideas on food production.

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