Frost! Now what do we do?

01 Dec

So, frost has come, what do we do now with buying food locally?   Hopefully we all have been canning and freezing some vegetables this year.  If not, there are some things.

1. Go to Clancy’s meat market.  (If you eat meat, and subscribe to the idea.)  Then this should be a visit that you make every saturday, or at least once a week.  They have all things local when it comes to meat.  There are a few people there that make what we do so much more enjoyable.

2. Support your local co-ops.  Mississippi Market in St. Paul, The Wedge, Linden Hills, Seward, and Eastside Markets in Minneapolis each have a huge variety of local cheeses, breads, meats, and dairy.  Many of them even have local winter vegetables, greens and other local products like soap.

3. Eat at restaurants that support local farms.  I know, this is a bit self-serving.  But supporting restaurants that support local farms enables those farms to try new things like extending their growing seasons or building greenhouses to try to grow year round.  What works in our market, may trickle down to your market.

4. Visit the Winter Foods Market at Local D’Lish. Meet the vendors of your favorite local foods at the Warehouse District’s all local, family owned grocery.

5. Harrass your local grocer.  Don’t see any local foods represented at your grocery store?  Ask for them.  Public demand is the only way they’ll get in the stores.

Any more tips?  Please, let us know!

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