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14 Aug

We’ll be asking these questions at our table, and we’d love for you to chime in.

Food & Cooking

  • Eat to live or live to eat? :: Do you just eat because you aren’t full or do you eat because you are hungry for something?
  • Why do we want to watch people cook so much? :: What is it that we are looking for? Entertainment? Education? Both?
  • Learning to cook or leaning to make a recipe? :: Taking a cooking class, are you learning how to cook or are you learning how to read a recipe?
  • How do I cook that? Buy it and try, there is so much information out there.
  • Season + Season :: What is in Season and how do I season it?

Agriculture & Sustainability

  • What is a Farm?
  • What do we mean by local?
  • Ten chefs walk into a bar…?
  • Why should we be eating locally when we only have 6 months of growing season?

5 Responses

  1. HungryinSW says:

    Hey! I love that you guys added a blog. I’m a huge fan of what you do and look forward to heading over to Rustica soon to tear into a creative sandwich.

    As far as live to eat or eat to live goes, I think I fall under the Live to Eat category by a small margin, although my efforts on eating nutritious, local and minimally have gained some serious swagger in recent months. I’m hoping you can help with some tips on how we can make local foods a bit more exciting in the winter months. As a locally sourced restaurant, I’m sure you run into complications with creating fresh and exciting winter menus when it seems like spuds and other roots/bulbs are really the only things turning up local. Enlighten me!

  2. HungryinSW says:

    Also, if you have any tips for making a local/artisanal diet more affordable, I’d love to hear them!

  3. Scott says:

    First let me say that i appreciate your comments. You are the first, and thanks. The questions that you ask, are well, exactly some of the things that I want to talk about. So. The long answer is cooking seasonally. We are spoiled that we can get any produce anytime of the year. We have to get away from that. We have to get back to freezing extra when things are in season. We have to start building our pantires with canned goods, preserved things, and then work on using what we can get in the winter and then going into the pantry and finding those cherry tomatoes that we stewed and making ourselves a stew in the winter. I know that does not sound that interesting, but, it is possible and it is a great way to teach yourself more cooking techniques. (whew, this is getting to be a long answer) Right now we are starting to freeze corn, tomatoes, and even making some pesto out of herbs that are in abundance. That way we don’t have to buy organic product from outside the region come January. I believe, that our frozen corn and tomatoes are better than those from other areas in the middle of winter anyway.

  4. MrsMarv says:

    If you’re interested, you could checkout my Cookin’ Minnesota group. This month we are making products (jam, pumpkin butter & applesauce) and canning them. More info @

  5. HungryinSW says:

    Great! Thanks for the tips. My oregano and Basil grew like weeds this year, so the plan for this weekend is making pesto and a ton of pasta sauce. The tomatoes are perfect for it right now, so I better get to blanching. I’m going to look into some canning techniques. It’s not a part of my current skill set, so I’m looking to expand!

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