Hey, Tour de Farm with Stewart Woodman at Axdahl’s farm… is soon

09 Jun

This is the behind the scenes that very few people get to see at the farm, the amount of land that is being managed and the planning that goes into what most people think of as “farming”.  Well, there is more work that most could imagine to get you those great tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweetcorn that Axdahls are known for.


If you are wondering what Stewart and Heidi have up their sleeve.  Start here… then… here

Better get tickets here.….you do NOT want to miss this.


If you have ever been up to stillwater you may recognize this location.  But what most people don’t know is all the work that goes into the behind the scenes of this farm that has been providing food for the Twin Cities for over 30 years.  Learn a bit more about the history of the farm.


This is something that you see at the farm and around farmers markets, this sign.  Take a look here and see what goes into getting a making great Minnesota grown food.


Looking at all the work that is going into this green house you would never know that the growing season for the farm is about a full one month behind.  Compared to our amazing early season last year, this year is a very large wake up call for local foods.  We do live in a climate where seasons truly affect what is grown.  You thought last year was interesting, this year is going to be even more interesting.




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